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How? Give something your recipient will really enjoy and can easily show others. Unlike ecards, sending a traditional printed card ensures that you're choosing a safe-to-send greeting card.

That said, we also design greeting cards for email campaigns.

Learn about our services if you want to send unique custom cards to those you care about.

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With a background in fine art, graphic design, web design and product development for over 30 years, we love making custom greeting card designs. Let us know if you would like a special design created just for you or your special occasion.

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Want to learn how to make and send a personalized great greeting card right from your computer or mobile phone? You may be interested in our free webinar (minimum 6 attending).

If you're an artist who would like to showcase your work on greeting cards, let us know! Call us at 928-282-4326.


Welcome to Greeting Card Haven!

You want to send a real, "hold in your hand," beautifully printed REAL greeting card to someone you know. Create it yourself, or we can design it for you.

Customize it, arrange your own photos on it, write your own message on it with your own handwriting and even include gift cards or other items.

If you prefer an "out-of-the-box" card design, you can there are thousands of beautiful pre-printed cards with messages for every situation and occasion.


If you have a business, we can show you how to use real greeting cards in amazing ways to generate new customers and referrals. You can even create a predefined card "campaign" with "mail merge" techniques to supercharge your marketing efforts.

Let us show you how to create your own custom greeting card! Learn how to design from scratch or start with something almost there.

Friends and Family...

We can show you how to make personalized cards using your own photos. Your personalized cards are sure to become cherished keepsakes to those who matter most.

A Sampling of our Custom Greeting Cards

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